Fully aware of the engagement deriving from the assignment of the prestigious international award “Createur de l’année 2015”, PIAVE MAITEX will present at Interfilère – Paris, from July 4th to July 6th , 2015, a wide assortment of novelties for Autumn/Winter 2016/2017, including a wide selection of new fashion and high-tech fabrics, the brand new collection of printed Lingerie and a preview of our Beachwear collection.


Already warmly appreciated by the main operators in the sector, Tecnogrip has become a complete and dedicated line of functional gripping fabrics, with technical features suited for each requirement of the industry. Ranging from warp-knitted microfibre to classical charmeuse, from polyester to light jersey, even to sheer meshes, this revolutionary series, without using silicons, presents an outer side light and compact while the inner side adheres nicely to the skin ensuring full stability to the garments even under conditions of intense physical activity, also ensuring a firm close fitting and modelling the body lines, all without sacrificing the necessary breathability. A good stretch recovery, the pleasant handfeel, the great colour rendition, the resistance to pilling, the predisposition for clean-cut and UV protection are all features completing the technical profile of such fabrics.


The well established line called “OVERSEXY”, shapewear by PIAVE MAITEX, is integrated and enriched with new proposals including 1) new microfibre plain and jacquard bands, predisposed for clean-cut , close fitting, soft and fashionable 2) a new warp-knitted microfibre EVOLUTION fabric with two-ways controlled elasticity, soft, compact, strong and performing and 3) tributing 2016, the year of the sheerness, a new two-way stretch mesh, light, sheer, sensual and at the same time strong and with control function, shaping the body lines without constriction and nicely enhancing the natural beauty of the curves.


Aiming to be always up to date, the series of fashion figured fabrics named “Wonderland” is enriched by new bright-matt effects, stripes on “nervous” base fabrics, geometric patterns on light warp-knitted, romantic designs on silky and bright bases. All fabrics have excellent close fitting and extreme soft handfeel. They are all designed for a sophisticated underwear, introducing an intriguing crossoverconcept between outwear, sportwear and casualwear.



PIAVEMAITEX Lingerie printed collection A/W 2016/2017 is declined on light, soft, silky bases, and finds its inspiration in the sophisticated seduction, in the surreal and dream-like atmosphere. Circumstances and style are contaminated by decorative elements coming from far-away in time and place, from the traditions of the past century , from ancient worlds. The themes of the collection are :

This theme well embodies the glamorous trends inspired by haute-couture. Colour combination creating refined effects dressed by silver lights. Laces and embroideries are merged with the fascinating beauty of flocked designs, revised and dyed in unusual colourways. Glazed gold coloured designs are predominant. Unexpected but not random it’s the abstract touch of the contamination of denim designs. Colourways ranges from dull red to definetively warmer beige, plum and bilberry blue.


Small and delicate flower patterns with layers of pastel colours on nets and weavings, taking us back to “hand-made”. The mood is cheerful and nice, flock prints have delicate shades, refined pigment outlines are combined with the sheerness of burn-out fabrics, creating a delicate and intriguing atmosphere.


Inspired to the greatest artist of Orphic Cubism of the beginning of the nineteenth century such as Sonia Delauney and Jacques Villon, this theme offers ornamental and geometric motifs playing with unexpected cromatic intensity and graceful cross-overs of lights and colours creating surprising and refined combos. The significant new-mixing trend is declinated on bright and light bases exalting the softness of the cromatic compositions.


This theme is furtherly interpreting the feminine lingerie, with ornamental patterns and decorations, laces, inspired to the world of stencil, decorating the body like refined tattoos. Innovative bands with armonious flock prints are enobling fabrics greatly facilitating different requirements of the industry. Seduction is magnified with a signficant game of black on black , of deep burgundy , of bright red, of sensual skin colours, to the naive melange laces and the chaste white of the base fabrics.


Feltre, Caronno, June 5th, 2015.