Collection Autumn – Winter 2018/2019

On the occasion of the Paris INTERFILIERE (8-10 July 2017) exhibition, we will present a series of absolute novelties, including technical and fashionable fabrics, designed for the textile industry of Ladies/Men’s underwear, sports and outdoors. At the same time there will be the launch of the new LINGERIE PRINTED COLLECTION F/W 2018-2019 and a PREVIEW of BEACHWEAR 2019.


TRANSPARENCIES – The launch of the new range of extra light-mesh occurred at Interfiliere January aroused great appreciation, giving impulse now to a major technical development: a new mesh of extreme lightness and transparency with excellent fit guaranteed by the high percentage of elastomer. Purely designed for a modern underwear, perfectly suited for embroidery.

Performance combined with reduced weight and improved comfort are the guidelines followed for the attainment of two new OVERSEXY fabrics, both adpting the latest technical solutions, a structured elastic net with implemented features and a Microfiber MESH with pleasant handfeel, lightweight, superior control and performing module due to the high content of elastomer, suitable for molding.

We decided to create a STONE BRUSHED MESH version, giving a unique look to one of our most typical products. So here’s an average weight MESH having one side with extremely pleasant handfeel, preserving intact elasticity, stability, control and a moderate transparency. A product that can have various end use, from intimate, to outerwear and sports.


WONDERLAND – New achievements in our classic line dedicated to surface effects and 3D, a range of surface effects fabrics, medium-weight, Jumper style with various versions: silver lurex, two-tone, striped, trendy and appealing, suitable for a glamour/exposable intimate use.

Moreover, an original pleats seersucker effect suitable for  intimate/outerwear, a  modern and fun fancy diagonal with interesting game of transparency on a light weight ideal for a fashionable lingerie and the revival of a great classic: the plumetis, shiny irregular dots on matt ground.

Finally a stretch fabric with innovative look, linked to the spirit of contamination between sport and outdoor, which highlights a changing light effect thanks to a piquet structure, inspired by the original “metal look”. Article designed for outerwear/intimate.


EVE -In response to current trends, more than ever focusing on the palpable features of fabrics, we have created EVE, a product with catching  silky hand-feel, extremely addictive and feminine, enhanced by the use of an extra-Microfiber yarn, specially selected after a patient research of our R&D. The use of new generation looms and cutting-edge techniques contribute to the final rendering of a product which is now at the top of its category. Minimalist and youthful look, lightweight, compact and uniform, features offering great versatility. To complete its profile, square elasticity and an aptitude for moulding, allow the use of EVE over a wide range of sizes.


NEW COLLECTION PRINTED UNDERWEAR                         Autumn – Winter 2018/2019

The printed collection f/w 2018/2019 is characterized by the use of the most advanced techniques to achieve effects of fancy decoration, new and romantic together, with flock and burn-out ornaments on the skin, with amazing light effects. There are three main themes:

LIGHTNESS – Romanticism is the keyword in the first theme of the collection. Small flowers and delicate nuances alternating with linear and thin embroideries. 3D lace with warm colors harmoniously printed on silky fabrics caressing the body. Printed and embroidered threads  on light mesh and games of transparency even on light color bases until reaching a white on white inspired to traditional “passamanterie”, obtaining a fairy theme. The colors are  emerald green, cream and powder pink.

HARMONIES – Floral with ethnic inspiration, small flowers mandala drawn with thin threads on intricately burn-out ground make the theme definitely sophisticated. The colors are determined by the coral red, shades of blue up to the timeless Black. Brown also has a predominant  note coloring the more ornamental drawings combined with warmer hues of orange. Paper blue and Indigo delavé characterizes the more abstract and geometric designs.


BRIGHT – Flocked Designs and abstract geometrics transparent on sheer grounds in this definitely graphic and modern theme. Delicate graphic elements reminiscent of crosslinked textile patterns laid out on shiny and silky fabrics. Techniques of chalk white on black pigments  create floral thread-like designs imitation lace. Silver prints made with special bright effects stretch on microfiber fabric grounds.



Feltre, Caronno, 12 June 2017