COLLECTION F/W 2017/2018

The new proposals PIAVE MAITEX 2017-2018 for Autumn-Winter 2017-2018, which will be presented at Interfilière – Lyon on July 9-11, 2016, range from new technological fabrics, to new fashion proposals, and the new charming collection of printed Lingerie. Also the occasion for a glance at our Swimwear Collection Preview.


Eversince a leader in stretch mesh, we decided to surprise those who believed that there was nothing more to innovate in this area, focusing on the sensuality of extreme lightness, transparency, verging on evanescence, yet safekeeping the technical features necessary for comfort. Extremely fine yarns, microfiber to enhance softness, monofilament for a touch of sensuality, with a high percentage of elastomer for a perfect fit, these fabrics embody seduction in intimate apparel. Printed, ennobled or embroidered fine garments enhance the beauty of the body in a perfect matching.


Invista Lycra Beauty Cooling Technology is definitely aimed at the control of body temperature and wicking in Shapewear. PIAVE MAITEX interpreted this feature enhancing the effect, using a double-sided knit-mode, one of which, in contact with skin, ensures freshness and breathability thanks to the special technology of X6300 nylon by Invista; the other side, in microfiber soft to the touch, ensures wicking and moisture dissipation to the outside. In other words, one single fabric of great technical value that unites Shapewear, moisture management and thermal regulation. The result is a superior comfort, the feeling of being at ease in every situation.

The fabrics of the NEOTECH line by PIAVE MAITEX have always characterized our collection of proposals for underwear. Fabrics combining a special knit-mode with fine yarns, that are light, with omni-directional elongation, sheer and functional, presenting once stretched a unique transparent retinal shape. NEOTECH 2.0 is a cutting-edge knitting solution, especially soft and comfortable thanks to fine microfiber yarn, expressing the ideal application for a sophisticated, seductive and modeling lingerie mainly characterized by transparency.



The manifest of daring artistic inspiration that does not deny the past, instead, uses it and interprets it in new ways. Refined designs printed on the traparency of mesh, lace interpreted with relief prints, designs of noble weave, textures with next-generation brightness, colour changing when exposed to light, and an almost intangible handfeel. Not only micro-skins, but also ornamental embroidery, lace and stylish flowers for a very rich design proposals. This theme incarnates every woman’s dream: summarizing  past and extreme daring technological solutions for seducing exposable lingerie garments.


This theme represents a new dimension of beauty: an amazing three-dimensional effect, in which ornamental designs, obtained with advanced ecological technique developed by our R&D labs, create matt and glossy effects on fine fabrics of satin. And yet interwoven networks with bold colors, color tattoo, small strokes with warm tones. Floral-inspired designs, treated with Burn-out technique, coloured with very sophisticated shades of brown and green to express a sensual transparency.

Comfort is the key word of this theme. We developed the research of innovative fabrics and prints keeping in mind leasure and activewear, seeking a feeling of freshness during and after exercise, but always reminding seduction, in any situation. The designs of this theme are inspired by dynamic geometries, micro and small fitness motifs, expressing together dynamism and sensuality. And here we could not miss the classic cotton melange that turns black, touches of bold colors that create small jungles and new atmospheres.


Floral designs, colored with soft hues make this the most romantic theme of the collection, in which delicate petals of flowers lie on transparent water colored, cream and powder pink grounds. Flocked flowers alternating with embroidery, creating exquisite décor that recall the most elaborate lace. Overlays of meshes create 3D effects and sensual transparencies, playing with more sophisticated shades, from pale pink to pink.





Feltre, Caronno, May 30, 2016.