Keeping faith with the commitment deriving from the title of “Créateur de l’année 2015” PIAVE MAITEX will present at Interfilière Paris – January 23-25, 2016, a series of new proposals for the season S/S 2017, including new fashion fabrics, high-tech, and the new collection of Lingerie printed fabrics.


Fabrics enfolding infinity under a variety of forms, exploring new types of decoration, made of contrasts and transparency, mutable expression of movement, travel and distant lands. These fabrics are the result of a research project that applies the latest technologies to graphics inspiration. The names themselves: French net, Spanish net, Greek net, etc… express the cultural heritage which is at their origin. Virtually endless ways of use, from structured garments, to decorative inserts, until combined with other fabrics with amazing effects.


Light, crisp and soft, floral jacquard fabrics, inspired by the interior design, progressive vintage and Art nouveau. The alternation of contrasting colors and glossy/matte create shimmering effects and lights. The structures designed to maximize comfort and the use of microfiber yarns have enabled us to obtain controlled elasticity for a good fit and a soft touch on the skin, which gives pleasant sensations. This group of fabrics is designed for a classic intimate, sophisticated, fashionable to wear and exhibit.


Innovative Fabrics with 3D effects, designed to confer thickness while being comfortable during use, with inspiration to graphic design and folk handmade atmospheres. The special construction perfoms excellent breathability and a light touch on the skin, the soft microfibres and high content of elastomer ensure comfort and perfect fit. The variety of effects that can be combined allows unlimited creativity. Fashion inspiration makes the garment a definitely exposable one.



PIAVEMAITEX Lingerie printed collection 2017 P/E is inspired by the wonder that only little things can emanate, from the earth tormented by nature always in motion, by the work of industrious hands to the wonderful games of light. In other words, this collection is a tribute to those who are still able to stop, to look, to feel amazed and moved in front of beauty. The themes of the collection are:

Here the decoration is delicate, almost fragile, as in the veins of the leaves, in the structures of butterfly wings, in small flowers, in lace and light embroidery, sophisticated and surprising. The patterns acquire elegance by respecting natural forms, are inspired by sophisticated pottery designs, cross hairs create light floral patterns and new movements. The fabrics offered, of great technical content, go in the direction of sheer silky voile.


In this theme traveling and discovering new frontiers of distant lands embody the inspiration for sophisticated and rare leathers, colored with warm tones, for small plots made by skilled hands, for soft movements of earth and light, for delicate visual aspects and gentle waves. The natural destination of similar inspiration can be found in the new soft burn-outs that enhance transparency and create typical effects of body art.


Here is an intimate theme, almost meditative, where textures are represented by muted colours, from chalk white on a white background, to small squared patterns enhanced by burn-out transparency, with delicate intertwining of nets in pastel colors, to tridimensional nets with amazing color games but always intimate. A modern design that becomes gently romantic in its delicate expression.


In this theme very much alive, inspiration comes from light, playing in front of our eyes and turning into a monocolored grid reminding stained-art glass, naturally creating dark embroidery on pale color bases. Motifs of light lay on lightweight fabrics like a second skin, with eye-popping tattoo effects, presence of ethnic ingredients but especially the bold colors created by the light.


Feltre, Caronno, 27 Novembre 2015