Collection Spring – Summer 2017

The new proposals PIAVE MAITEX for spring-summer 2018, which will be presented at Interfilière 21-23 January 2017 Paris, include a wide selection of new, high-tech fashion fabrics. The offer is completed, as always, by the new collection of Lingerie printed fabrics



Enginereed fabric proposed in bands with a central mesh structure and clean-cut reinforced edges, designed to simplify the manufacturing process of modern and fashionable shapewear garments, supportive but not constrictive, invisible thanks to the reduced need for seams. This project, tried in vain by many before, is today a success story, which involved the use of special machines and all the technical know-how of PIAVEMAITEX technical specialists. Lightness, control function, transparency, comfort, differentiated stretch, flexibility of sizes and colors, print option, can be combined with allover fabric making these bands ideal for the creation of elegant, seductive and customized garments, without limits to creativity.


The 3D mania recently contaminated all bodywear segments, from underwear to  outerwear, from beachwear to sportswear up to athleisure and ultimately leisurewear: hence the need of the market to dispose of truly eclectic 3D fabrics, intended for multipurpose garments. The result was a range of geometric patterns, volumes and movements, small and shiny and opaque, embossed, with light effects from shiny till gold lurex, downy and soft, comfortable, breathable, with moisture management and thermoregulating features thanks to the special knitting structures, suitable for great fit and versatility.



Essentially a floral theme, romantic, with flower gardens reminiscent of the traditional prints of the great fashion designers, with stylish roses on transparency, watercoloured roses on blurred grounds, creating sweet and harmonic color overlays. The selected fabrics are extremely fine and silky, sheer light meshes, memories of romantic summers, shiny satins that thanks to an innovative and unique printing technique are transformed into three-dimensional charming laces. Water colors alternate with pink porcelain, sensual nudes and tinted tinted greys.


This is a theme where modern designs turn their gaze to the Oriental culture, with decorative flowers looking like hennè stained, with flowers on transparencies that create games of body art and art-tattoo. Luxurious and photographic flowers, coloured with bold hues, alternate with colors in the medium palette range, creating movement and harmony. Refined combinations of thin strip strokes on light fabrics define elegant embroidery, while the timeless stylized versions of animaliere,  rendered in innovative cold hues create a modern exotic atmosphere.


This is the most sensual theme of the collection, where intriguing transparencies and rapid light games play a key role. Ornamental designs with touches of colour create overlapping ramages. The voluptuous transparencies created with burn-out tecnique allow glimpses of body parts in a passionate game, completed by small seductive gold, silver or iridescent motifs, layered on colored grounds.


Young theme, characterized by simplicity, freshness and creative passion, inspired by pop-art culture. Broken lines intersect, creating plots, and colorful waves generate an hypnotic movement. The designs are characterised by high versatility and adapt to the achievement of garments from the classic to exposable/outerwear lingerie, from fashion sportswear to athleisure and endly leisurewear. The colors are obviously bold and bright, as befits a young and extrovert theme.


Feltre, Caronno, December 12th, 2016