puritex mascherine piavemaitex

puritex mascherine piavemaitex

Thanks to continuous research, innovation and dedication, Piave Maitex has developed Puritex®:
a range of high performance and antiviral fabrics suitable the packaging of washable surgical masks and filter masks.

Puritex® is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified and tested by the Chemistry Department of the University of Padua, Unismart and certified by the laboratory for environmental analyzes and sanitary matrices ARPA FVG (institute for environmental protection).

The filtering capacity of Puritex® at both inlet and outlet at 5 microns was 97.2% (disposable surgical mask on the market: 95%).

Puritex® is available in both:

  • PES, Polyester, suitable for white, black and for prints
  • PA, Polyamide, suitable for white and coloured

The unique features of the Puritex® range are as follows:

  • A very dense and compact texture, tested, which acts as a barrier against Flugge’s droplets, recognized as the main route of infection.
  • Possibility of Sanitized® antibacterial treatment
  • Innovative water-repellent treatment, specially designed for medical use

The advantages of a Puritex® mask, being a Reusable Technical Fabric are manifold compared to those disposables in Non-Woven Fabric:

  • Better Comfort
  • Better Grip
  • Better Breathability
  • High thermoregulation
  • Antibacterial and antiviral barrier
  • washable – economical & sustainable
  • hypoallergenic – non-irritating
  • light, wearable for hours
  • does not tarnish eyeglasses


In addition, the Polyester or Polyamide microfibre TTR is more suitable than the cotton one in the construction of masks since the latter remains wet if in contact with saliva, releases the fibers (linting), it is also less impermeable to liquids and therefore less effective.

Piave Maitex Arpa FVG test PFE filtering Puritex PES & PA DWR treated fabric

For more information write to marketing@piavemaitex.com


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