The presence of PIAVE MAITEX at the traditional appointment of CANNES – MARE DI MODA – INTIMO DI MODA 2016 is, as always, characterized  by a wide assortment of novelties, ranging from plain fabric to the printed Beachwear Collection 2018, to the preview of the Lingerie printed Spring- Summer Colelction 2019.


SHOCK! 2.0. After having strongly influenced the beachwear fashion with the launch of the innovative concept program named SHOCK!, a series of fabrics in NEON colours designed to create amazing beachwear garments, Piave Maitex now announces the awaited evolution with a series of jacquard fabrics characterized by glaring, lively, summerish colours aimed to inspire love for life. Small and relief geometric motifs enhance light reflections creating always different effects and shadings; fabrics featuring quick dry  and breathability, both beneficial for the skin. These warp-knitted fabrics grant good fit, controlled stretch suitable for multiple activities, thus sportswear, allowing those wearing them to feel always comfortable. The innovative polyester microfibre grants superior performance for technical garments.


WATER STRUCTURES 2.0. The theme of 3D effects for swimwear, that we introduced and promoted in the previous exhibition of Mare di Moda, raised great interest and still plays a major role in the shop windows and on the beaches. We consequently decided to propose new warp-knitted fabrics, with small relief geometric effects, aimed to create movements and volumes, light and visual effects inspired to hand-made fabrics, to crochets, currently livening up fashion shows. Produced on new generation looms with microfibre yarns, these fabrics feature extremely good fit and stretch properties suitable for high performance. Comfortable, breathable and fashionable, they are suitable for beachwear, coordinates and more!



The new  STUDIO BEACHWEAR Collection 2018 has been developped on technical fabric like meshes and voiles, always bearing in mind the fundamentals of beachwear leasure. It is assembled around the following 4 themes strictly connected to lights of distant lands, always different and charming  :

MIAMI. Here is a lush theme, playing with the vivid colors of jungles and tropical flowers, suitable for bikini and trikini. The painted-like flowers of post-impressionism style laid on pareos unleash sparkling lights and exotic style. Designs reflect endless combinations for a unique outfit in terms of elegance.

RIO.  This theme is inspired to the joy of life typical of brasilian atmospheres, where lines and essential geometries match in pure and really bright colours, developping a blooming and enthusiastic nature, where vibrant lines allow wide spaces creating placed designs of great effect. The colours remind  youth, energy and passion.

SAINT TROPEZ. Characterized by art nouveau style, with the traditional light and the elegant and defined feature. Gentle movements of shaded colours, decorated with firm outlines, stylish and overlapping flowers in leading colours, those of the Cote d’Azur Impressionists. A theme spreading dynamism, elegance, style and strength.

ZANZIBAR. In this theme of crude exotic style, animal prints are played with lively colours reflecting and mixing together African sunsets and the light blue of wholesome seas. Nature becomes pure animal energy, blends and dazzling mix. Designs spread energy, confidence and dynamism.

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Feltre, Caronno, October 21, 2016