PIAVEMAITEX – DIGITAL EDITION PERFORMANCE DAYS                     in the loop 17-21 May 2021

Since the beginning of the pandemic we have had very rare opportunities to participate in a fair in presence. The digital editions of the fairs have become more and more frequent and have given us the opportunity to remotely highlight the quality of our products and collections on the web.

Soon, both our absolute novelties and flagship products will benefit from the showcase of the digital version of Performance Days, the reference stage of the world production of technical fabrics for the sports sector in all its derivations and “contaminations” ( see Athleisure, Yoga ecc…).

For the occasion, taking advantage of a market projected to overcome the limits and constraints imposed by the pandemic, we have brought together the most innovative creations of our Design /R&D office to approach and arouse new interest among the sports apparel “brands”.

In summary, we have assembled a set of proposals that include eco-sustainable fabrics, surface/three-dimensional and optical effects, open work, plush & pile effects, all engineered focusing technical features such as breathability, transfer and moisture management, as well as covering and anti-UV or anti-abrasion properties.

Below are our novelties by product lines.

AGAIN – a constantly expanding range inspired by the concept of “circular economy” focusing on products made with recycled yarns and industrial processings with low environmental impact. We present different types of fabric
light and transparent mesh (art. 6535) with a high percentage of elastomer, low elasticity, to be used for a sporty and sophisticated underwear
high gauge jersey (art. 5061), compact, with excellent coverage, contained 2way stretch, suitable for sports use and transfer printing.
micropiquet warp-knit (art. I811) entirely made with recycled yarns, designed to offer superior performance in terms of breathability, moisture transfer, comfort and fit.

3D – the line of fabrics with three-dimensional effects of great visual impact and targeted technical contents, developed on state-of-the-art electronic looms.
We have two warp-knit versions with “honeycomb” pattern
figured polyester (art. 9496) double-face like, usable on both sides, breathability and comfort, transfer print, designed for sports use.
microfiber polyamide version (art. 9454), with characteristics similar to the previous and extra “soft-handfeel” property.

MINIMAL-OPTICAL – the new line of fabrics with intriguing “minimal” surface optical effects, which guarantee functionality and high performance.
figured warp-knit fabrics in PES (art. I799 and Art. I810) with geometric patterns “enhanced” by the yield of transfer printing, breathability, moisture management, soft and fresh handfeel, good fit, designed for amateur and competitive sports use.
version with fine mesh motif (art. 9401), always in PES, printable, with good dyeing properties. Micro eyelets design allows breathability and moisture transfer. Soft touch and comfort.

YETI-TEX – our “cutting edge” products, the line of “pile effect” fabrics made with innovative textile solutions that offer exceptional benefits such as thermoregulation, lightness, breathability, shape and comfort grip. Unlike “napped” fabrics, its assets do not derive from additional processings – like brushing ( a/n), but from the optimal combination of elements in the first place the choice of yarns and the special construction of the fabric. Here we present art.6531, a fabric with unlimited use from sports to outdoor.

NOBILITATI – the line of fabrics, constantly updated, which includes industrial processings with low water consumption. We find two special items,
warp-knit in PES (art. 7462) with relief effect suitable for transfer print, covering and anti-UV properties, ideal for technical and performing garments
jersey with “honeycomb” design (art. 7515), base fabric produced with recycled yarns and low impact environmental processing, designed for technical and sports use combines important advanced features with excellent comfort.

TECHNICALS – in this group we insert some special technical articles designed for various specific use.
anti-abrasion, RUB-RESIST line, (art. 7513), surface designed to withstand pilling while preserving the fabric from breakage and wear, good values of elasticity and recovery, can be used for technical or sportswear, as well as structured garments and accessories.
Open work warp-knit in PES (art. 9488), suitable for transfer printing, excellent breathability and moisture transfer. Versatile, it can be used as an insert or accessory on sports and/or technical garments.
double face technical knit, (art. 4862), obtained by combining polyamide and polypropylene yarns, has premium moisture management property. The “hydrophobic” inner side has a plush facet for maximum comfort while the external side in microfiber guarantees push/pull effect and performance. Low elasticity and recovery allow good fit. Ideal for sports use both competition and amateur.

Feltre, May 3rd, 2021