The next edition of Interfiliere Paris, January 2018, now at the door, will be the ideal limelight for the presentation of a series of novelties with relevant technical and fashion contents, as well as that of the new Lingerie printed collection S/S 2019. Below is a frame by frame summary of our most significant innovations:

Graphene, the absolute novelty
An extremely innovative industrial finishing process with advantages and prerogatives that lend themselves to projects for sports use and outdoor clothing.


After a pressing and accurate development study and tuning, our R&D has succeeded in achieving a sophisticated product, attractive in terms of elegance and convenience, designed to save time and manufacturing costs. The proposal is consequential for all those brands seeking to match fashion contents with production efficiency. The LASER BANDS respond to rigorously contemporary parameters like, omnibus width, elegant look, pleasant handfeel, balanced elasticity, and “clean cut” feature without compromise!

In the wake of this important trend that concerns the most modern and current lingerie, we have developed a range of articles that embody the ideal compromise between high standards of lightness, elasticity and control, all in the sign of comfort, practicality and versatility, as required by the dynamic and fashionable customers, always in a rush. Both Jaquard and

3D & Nets/Open work 
Our tradition in the development of RASCHEL fabrics is renewed with the
introduction of new fashion fabrics characterized by three-dimensional and unprecedented open work effects. Among all, “SMALL DIAMONDS” and “FANTASY NET” integrate flexibility and original design. All customizable with dyeing processes.

Printed underwear Collection P/E 2019 –
The new Lingerie Printed Collection P/E 2019 by Piave Maitex uses trendy designs, yet never stereotyped or pedestrian, declined in the most current and required fabrics and or printing techniques, primarily the BURN-OUTS, where we introduce a new range of unprecedented base fabrics and innovative effects.
Here are the themes gathering the stylistic trends/fashion Mainstream:

The first theme of the collection P/E 2019 Is Inspired by nature and its colours, from the earth to the sky. From warmer Beige to lighter dove Grey, up to more intense Green. Ice Grey and medium Grey printed on optical white color small motifs. The White Chalk on White draws romantic flowers.
Medium sized refined flowers drawn with fine threads are printed on fabrics for BURN-OUTS, creating sophisticated transparencies suitable also for petticoats.

Pastel colors make the theme more colorful and youthful. Small flowers, geometric motifs on lightweight colored grounds are made with pigment dyes. The colors are green water, Apricot, Rose onwhich we print slightly more intense tonal effetcs.
Small motifs with gold and silver foils complete the Theme.

Strongly inspired by the Indigo color, Milk colored grounds are tinged of this intense color until diluted to a light celestial. The designs are plain geometricals simulating Jacquard fabrics. BURN-OUT groundscolored by tonal burn-out areas create a Light-Dark effect for more refined flowers, suitable fordemanding customers.

Feltre/Caronno P. The, , 11/12/2017