Peau d’ange

F A B R I C    F O R   U N D E R W E A R

PIAVE MAITEX constant research for light, thin, soft and delicate fabrics, owning at the same time control, fitting, comfort and shaping features, has set higher standards to the PEAU D’ANGE line, since long a real landmark for the market of valuable and rare fabrics.

PEAU D’ANGE stands for technologically advanced and innovative fabrics, produced on high gauge machines finely tuned by PIAVE MAITEX technicians, in order to optimize  the use of  innovative, distinct and unique fibres conferring a silky effect and a bright  and charming soft handfeel.

PEAU D’ANGE series embodies the ideal solution for the manufacturing of sophisticated and seducing garments that once weared-on give the warm sensation of being caressed by an angel’s skin.






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